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Balance Water- 02.11.07

Balance Water… aussie brand of water that seems to resemble Smart Water pretty closely… main difference? Apparently its all about the flower essences which have been infused… and variations specific for women, children, and TRAVELING. If these infusions really did what they say, it sounds pretty impressive, and quite the trip… for example- Grey Spider: Releases fears and phobias of perceived danger and Crowea: Calms and helps with worry. Has a centering affect.. Just another interesting addition to the growing list of water options ~

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Are you serious when you say “if these infusions really did what they say…”

Of course they don’t. It’s a marketing fad.

The guy who came up with these ideas, Edward Bach was a mad man. The General Medical Council banned his ideas because they had no scientific proof.

He believed that “Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material … Disease is in essence the result of conflict between the Soul and Mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.”

----- Mike 28.11.07 16:24

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