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DIY Cat Toys- 02.05.07

We have a fascination with the DIY - print + cut + paste/tape - toy revolution going on these days… and i’m surprised i haven’t seen more like this! Marmalade’s promotional materials are DIY cutout corrugated cardboard cat toys! And even print and cut your own designs as well… BRILLIANT! not to mention, recyclable, cost effective, and STILL endless amusement for your kittens. Also, pretty site design, more images below. (via Core77)



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I can’t help myself… did no one else immediately think that the mouse looked like something else? It may be that my mind is perpetually stuck in the gutter, but I was pretty sure that was a cute cardboard cutout of a sperm. *Sigh*

----- Randi 31.07.08 10:54

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