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Havidol- 02.26.07

Ever have a day where “more just isn’t enough”? Havidol is apparently the solution. This latest project by Justine Cooper reminds me of projects during undergrad ~ the full fledged mock site ~ this one complete with print ads, tv adverts, even the pill design, and jackets, shirts, etc.

Havidol is the first and only treatment for dysphoric social attention consumption deficit anxiety disorder (DSACDAD). What a mouthful. But i love these projects that really make you laugh first, then stop and think about the absurdity and even the similarity to reality today… scariest part, you know you wouldn’t look twice if you saw that ad in a magazine today… it is just as ridiculous as many of the legit pharma campaigns now.

View more of the project at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery ~ (especially the animated ad ~ its brilliant) ~ and the Havidol Website.




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this is hilarious! did you see braincandy? there is a similar drug called gleemenex, it is hilarious. it causes a glen danzig lookalike to write a song called “happiness pie”.

----- natasha 27.02.07 16:51

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