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Matarile- 02.07.07

I love keys, magnets, and things that are not what they seem. So i’m smitten by this Matarile piece by Tomas Bedos for Amor de Madre… coming in two different sizes, what looks like simply a wood block, magnetically holds your keys! Brilliantly simple…



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So I know that I am nearly 5 years late to this post, but I recently saw it featured on Mmminimal, and absolutely love this product.

I am a sucker for beautiful simple design, and this is about as great as it gets.

----- Mark Oleszczak 02.04.12 18:54

Hello Celia,
I’m the designer and producer of this product.
If you want you can contact with me.
I’ve enjoyed to see that you like it.


----- Tomas Bedós 05.05.08 01:38

Where can I buy one of them.

Thank you

----- celia 24.01.08 02:52

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