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Teaposy- 02.16.07

Teaposies are hand made bouquets bundled and waiting to bloom in your gorgeous glass teapots. Similar to the Adagio Blooming Teas, the ones at Teaposy seem to have more variation in their flavors and design… and remind me a lot of Lush for some reason. (if lush made tea to go with that fizzing bath bomb, this would be it?) More mesmerizing than the concept and the tea as it brews… are the images of how these are made. See more below.


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You know, this is an old concept! :) There are a lot of traditional Chinese teas that bloom in your cup. Every time I’m there, I always bring back loads of them. It’s nice that the idea is spreading, though.

----- Jules 04.07.07 10:50

Hey is this the same teaposy they used for Marie Antoinette? Talk about historical inaccuracies! But they probably had the technology available only for Emperors, I wanna get one!

----- katwo 25.03.07 10:18

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