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Wii - hold on tight- 02.03.07

How far does YOUR wii love go? For one of the guys at Super78… his Wii love and freetime made this awesome cgi ad for fun… here’s what he told Gizmodo: “I really love the Wii and I had been reading these stories about Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands. We had some down time at the office so I got together with one of the animators and I sketched out a storyboard of the spot. In the board the controller is this high energy maniac and the nun-chuck just wants to get away. So our most talented animator Michael Smith created this fun spot there is a lot of character…This was done by us, Super 78, using our own resources, no agency was involved, no money changed hands. I am hoping that you could post it so we can see if it catches fire.” Watch the “ad” below…

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That’s a brilliant animation!

----- Mel 18.02.07 15:42

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