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Aprons to go out in- 03.09.07

Somewhere in the cross section of design, food, and fashion (yes, picture the ven diagram here) ~ you will find APRONS… and they are getting sexier, more playful, and far too cute to wear only in the kitchen now. I’ve shown you the adorable aprons of Jessie Steele before, but check out the latest selection from Anthropologie. So with all the deliciousness to learn to cook on Tastespotting, i think its time i invest in one (or two, or a few?) cooking outfits!

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i love these dresses they are so cute and springish i wish that i could have the first and last ones they are so cute

----- Maddie 06.04.09 19:48

I saw a girl this past (very warm) weekend in San Francisco wearing a similar-styled apron as a top - it was really cute! I think I’ll end up making one for myself.

BTW, this is one of my favorite sites - thanks for all the inspiration!

----- Jennifer 13.03.07 12:06

I really like this……..

----- lopez 11.03.07 04:55

These are fabulous! What a delightful gift this will make for my friend’s housewarming party. I might just have to pick one up for me too.

What a beautiful site; I’m so glad I found you.

----- Susan from Food Blogga 10.03.07 07:18

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