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Heart Throb @MK- 03.11.07

Heart Throb opening was last night at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. And it was packed… with scenesters, hipsters, art lovers, and some of the most breathtaking works i’ve seen in a while. (note: i might be biased, having loved the work of miss van for some time now… also junko mizuno.) It was incredible how highly priced all pieces were, but even more impressive was how quickly they were selling out. For all of my pictures during the show, view them in the gallery. .. also view the scans of the Miss Van limited edition postcards there.


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i really like miss van
congratulations girl
we want to see you in peru

----- karla 16.08.07 00:13

Were the postcards a fortune? I really want to get them!

----- CJ Regli 12.03.07 16:42

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