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Method Pill- 03.20.07

What imagery is more perfect for an aircare product than a giant pill? Afterall, if the need for an air freshener isn’t a giant pill/cure all… what is? Couldn’t resist the draw of method home’s gorgeous packaging and design today ~ so below are some shots of the details that made all the difference to me: 1) there is a scratch and sniff sticker as the seal of the box. 2) you can turn the plug depending how your plugs are oriented to keep the pill upright 3) playful use of language “Do not turn sideways, or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that.” So true.

Also, i’m in love with the OMop ~ cleaning floors has never been more fun to me… again with the great packaging and incredibly well designed (for form and function) product.





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how funny! I got the same one last week too! So far so good- I bought an omop as well but haven’t used it yet- it looks so nice in the package…i’m waitng to see how long the smell from the pill will last…

----- jon 25.03.07 18:54

These are awesome, but the scents can be a bit overwhelming. I find myself unplugging soon after I’ve plugged in. There should be a meter to adjust the intensity.

----- Nadia214 21.03.07 13:40

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