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Rasmus Mogensen- 03.06.07

This post goes out to RUGenius as an early bday card of sorts (she’s turning the big 22 on thurs!) ~ and as the design loving, saver of animals, nearly phd having, fencer in my life… this fashion photo set by Rasmus Mogensen was too breathtaking not to feature. And there’s something about swords ~ and fencing masks… dangerously playful perhaps?






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i am a photographer and a fencer and in 2 weeks i have a model with all the fencing gear coming in for a photo shoot. I was wondering if you could give any tips on lighting and backgrounds etc

----- Thomas Arran 25.01.09 14:00

This girl is far too thin.
She won’t be able to be succesful in a real swordfight because her body is not strong.

If you are reading this, I say you are pretty, but with more mass in your body you will be much more beautiful.

Greetings from a fencer guy from Argentina.

----- Martin 06.08.08 07:15

The pictures above are breathtakingly B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! SENSATIONAL!!! I am a fencer myself, and your photos reflect the very spirit of fencing: elegance, class! And something about the weapon (be it foil, sabre or epee) and the mask, makes this sport so mysterious, intriguing.

Million bravo for this absolutely gorgeous pictures. Do you have other pictures in this theme? How can I get it in big format? I am dying to hang them in my office….

----- Sharon Loreta OLICH 11.03.08 23:26

Elegancy, glamour and mistery. That’s exactly the spirit of fencing and his way to grow up till the place it should be. Bravo!

----- MARC 28.02.08 15:31

i’m a professional fencer..i think it’s a great fashion design..i would like to be in contact with u if it’s possible.
Nathalie Moellhausen

----- NATHALIE moellhausen 28.02.08 10:06

How can I get a print of http://www.notcot.com/images/Capture-018155.jpg


----- Jack 30.04.07 08:22

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