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Belkin Power Design- 04.30.07

Belkin has become quite a design force to be reckoned with. (Remember their incredible booth at CES?) - well their innovative and gorgeously design power strips blew my mind this weekend. Picked up the Compact yesterday to sit on the back of the new couch (that is lower than the height of the cushions) - so its just perfectly hidden and oh so accessible - and its the perfect place for me to dock in to charge phones, cameras, laptops, etc. And when people do notice it, its gorgeous enough not to be embarrassed of. Additionally their Conceal model sleekly hides all the cables inside behind your desk (although i think this is only really good for people who set things up and dont mess with them much), and the Clamp-On is just brilliant for any where you might want to have a power strip handy off the floor (side of the desk, work bench, shelf, etc). More imagery below.



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I am interested in the black power strip with the short cord, please quote ship time and cost
310 497 3114

----- Stephanie Westling 17.07.08 08:08

AWESOME! Too bad they probably won’t have UK-style plug ones :(. That’d really suck having an adaptor on everything…

----- Sam Whitehall 10.05.07 08:56

They should apply this forward thinking into designing their USB hubs. I got one the other day and it’s the most impractical thing ever (every place you plug something into it is awkward.) No matter which way you turn it, something is awardly jutting out.

----- beth 01.05.07 14:29

Amazon has a few of them on sale, in particular they have the concealed surge protector for 25 bucks, 50% off.

----- del 01.05.07 11:13

I do appreciate the design of these. Maybe Ill pick some up with my new comp this summer. :* Now only if Belkin would step up their product quality (though not necessarily in this case). :\

----- Lone 30.04.07 15:50

i want one, are they only in these colors though?

----- chrisv 30.04.07 15:39

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