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Büro North - Multidisciplinary Design- 04.07.07


Büro North, a design studio based in Australia and founded by Soren Luckins in 2004, does it all. While their print work is impressive, what really interested me are their environmental designs and sculptures. Pictured above is the cover and sleeve design for Inside Magazine which illustrates their “belief that creativity is not dictated by your surroundings.” So true. How many designers do you know who are working out of their homes or a less than stellar office setting? A lot of amazing work is being created outside of what many of us would consider dream studios which I think is pretty amazing in itself (but I’m still dreaming of that future super studio..!). Check out a larger image from Inside Magazine and more of Büro North’s work after the jump!


buronorth3.jpgChiodo Splash, sculpture design and construction for Chiodo, a men’s fashion boutique

buronorth4.jpg Signage and environmental graphics for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Love this one!


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