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Freebase Pancakes- 04.10.07

Every now and then, a series of images comes along and just blows your mind. I couldn’t stop laughing, and then just kind of staring amazement at the micro scale “cooking” going on here ~ my friend is calling them Freebase Pancakes. How one even comes up with a concept such as this amazes me. See full set of imagery below. via Random Stuff

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52 Notes

so I have never used coke in my life but I want to try it out, so where can i get some if i live in Santa cruz california? Honestly I want to try it.

----- anonymous 23.11.07 12:57

im gonna use this shit for a powerpoint presentation. i thought it was fuckin awesome.

----- T!nK b@B3 06.11.07 09:19

that was kind of cool but i’m not sure what to think about it whomever made this i think either was a user or is a user

----- a little lady 20.10.07 15:30

this is retarded and who ever made this should jump off the face off the earth

----- fuck cocaine 10.09.07 10:03

this was first seen in a warhol movie from 1966- called chelsea girls.

check it.

----- lindsey 27.08.07 08:21

I loved the idea, I found it very funny.

Keep your imagination going.


----- John 31.07.07 10:48

uh u do realize ur smoking “crack” right, freebase is the same damn thing, i shuld no cuz i cook pancakes to sell.

----- koolaid 15.07.07 21:02

haha thats so fucking funny.

----- Nicole 01.07.07 16:14

Why not take real drugs and inject it into the egg, then incubate it. Then, wait for the egg to hatch… might be a good experiment though…

----- Malcolm 26.06.07 07:11

fkn crazy id say, crack heads will do anything these days to get a hit

----- Anonymous 26.06.07 05:54

“SmackJacks”… that’s rich!

----- Chris Rose 01.06.07 10:45


----- Anonymous 23.05.07 12:50

Is the high light and fluffy?

----- Budgie 23.05.07 03:21

next, how to speedball a waffle…

----- Anonymous 20.05.07 08:25

I took worse…

----- Dreamhill23 04.05.07 18:55

it had to to take a crack head to come up with that ,feed the need smoke weed .

----- rere_28_2006 02.05.07 21:10

most people that beat those drugs up dont have teeth to eat that pancake. Fuckin lame.

----- Antidrug 27.04.07 18:30

But what’s it going to make me feel like?

----- SONYA 26.04.07 21:38

That’s awesome.

----- Kortnee 23.04.07 20:03

smoke coke every day…

----- tyrone biggums 22.04.07 17:08

haha sweet can’t wait to try this out..

----- Jonah 21.04.07 04:57


----- julia 20.04.07 12:49

mmm palacsinta!

----- icyhotonmynuts 20.04.07 08:33

this is your brain. this is your brain on pancakes…

----- Anonymous 20.04.07 04:26

Amazing concept. Love it.

----- Matt 19.04.07 22:26

…i kind of want to make these 0.o and actually use a quail egg

----- Tiffany 19.04.07 17:48

hahahah fucking crackheads…i would rather waste my money on weed

----- ur mom 18.04.07 14:19

I’ll have 150 please.

----- Karl 18.04.07 05:35

btw.. what is his name?

----- mireia 18.04.07 03:32

mmmm.. yummy.. gave me cold turkey

----- mireia 18.04.07 03:29

I am not impressed, where are the little mini blueberries?

----- paul p 16.04.07 14:59

that wins the internet.

----- Anonymous 16.04.07 08:51

wtf kinda shit is this……how the fuck do ppl come up with this shit???

----- Jeff Lafoister 16.04.07 08:03

Man those are freaking wicked, ah ha ha ha ha ha

----- bobby 16.04.07 02:47

where the fucks my heroin?????

----- Rob 16.04.07 01:43

You gotta be joking…

----- Thais Zani 15.04.07 15:07

Damn, that’s really the way pancakes should be made!

----- Goat 15.04.07 10:31

this is amazing. brilliant use of quail eggs AND syringes.

----- jesse 14.04.07 18:09

How did you ever come up with this idea? I look forward to seeing some more. Damn, reminds me of college.


----- MOnica 13.04.07 08:06

We all them “poffertjes”

----- Dutch 13.04.07 05:31

that’s rather amusing. :) once I figured out what was going on.

----- Dylan 12.04.07 23:46

I want to see some sausage spliffs and why not fry up a couple of those quail eggs for a complete meal?

----- Sioux 12.04.07 07:29

This is a reason to find my long lost zippo.

----- Jane 11.04.07 18:13


----- Anonymous 11.04.07 17:36

looks like this person has an addiction to actual method more than the drug :) Applause to a good way to allow a recovering cocaine addict to get their “fix” on fixing a line.

----- dewbieZ 11.04.07 07:15

Pancakes?! Awww Man, that’s why I’m not getting high…

----- andrew 11.04.07 06:33

HAHA so funny ^^

----- Marjon 11.04.07 04:35

not sure what to think about this…..

----- Anonymous 10.04.07 18:07

looks more like a fried egg, but still amazin’!!… temptin’ me to try …

----- @ 10.04.07 17:53

I am so addicted to pancakes.

----- tavo 10.04.07 16:53

Don’t forget the maple syrup!

----- Anonymous 10.04.07 14:09

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