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French Rabbit Wines- 04.11.07

Yes, it’s probably hard to imagine yourself drinking wine that doesn’t come from a bottle. I remember when boxed wines came out and they were (and still are) the butt of many jokes. Classic glass bottle = classy and traditional. But with stuff like the Sofia Mini enjoying some success or at least garnering interest from the young and chic set, maybe people are ready for something new. So here’s the environmentally friendly wine label, French Rabbit. Their “vintage-dated wines, the first premium French wines in an eco-friendly Tetra Pak™ container, are sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards in the sunny Pays d’Oc region of Southern France.”

According to the French Rabbit site, the container takes less energy to produce than a glass bottle, is 100% recyclable, weighs less so it can be shipped more efficiently, and you can also squeeze out air from the container so that the wine lasts longer. Pretty smart!

tetraFrenchRabbit.jpgDiagram of the Tetra-Prisma container

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Great idea, but shame to hear about it not being as environmentally sound as it appears.

I saw an article in the Guardian saying that only clear glass is good for the environment. Apparently green and brown glass doesn’t get turned back into glass. Instead it gets crushed and is used as road aggregate… thus perpetuating climate change.

Clear glass or some sort of biodegradable packagine is the way forward: http://publicis-dialog-beam-team.blogspot.com/2007/05/refill-packs-are-good-for-envorinment.html

----- Jonathan 05.06.07 04:29

j’ai vu votre collection de robe au defile de mode a San Francisco,pour l’academy of art !
simplement superbe qui est votre designer ?

----- marylene 29.04.07 23:58

tetra packs are cool and all, but glass bottles are easily recycled…glass can be made into cool shapes too…

----- anonymous 12.04.07 11:53

Sad to hear about the packaging not being recyclable in most places. We served French Rabbit at our wedding almost 2 years ago and one of the reasons was that glass is also not recyclable in our area (we live in a desert area and glass takes so much water to recycle that they just grind it up at put it in the landfill instead). It is a good tasting wine, though, and the packaging also lends itself to be taken backpacking, camping, canoeing….

----- holly 12.04.07 08:07

Unless this is some fancy new kind of tetra pak, it’s not recyclable at all in most places. Treehugger has an article on it:

I’d be really interested to know if there is some tetra pak tech, that would be really fantastic.

----- Olivia 11.04.07 16:33

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