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I Am 8-Bit 07- 04.17.07

I Am 8-Bit @ Gallery 1988 - So i made it afterall - quick one night trip to LA, figured i’d stop by. Gut reaction from the show? Overhyped. And i haven’t seen a line like that for a gallery in… forever? It felt like a hipsterfest line up for an amusement park ride or something, absolute madness. And it is a Tues night! Amusing to see the GameJew wandering around in his shirtless mario overalls… mtv took over a corner in the tiny gallery… g4 was interviewing artists on the sidewalk… and the line practically went around the block… not to mention the insane packed party out back with giant gaming going on.

Oh… and there was art too. Some great pieces from our faves like Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Luke Chueh, and so many more… and a surprisingly large number of rather dreary mario scenes… a giant snake sculpture… window full of pixelblocks… Might need to go back when the crowds settle… it was a strange mix, as colin pointed out to me, you heard a lot more “omg, thats donkey kong/super mario/[insert game name here]” than “wow, thats an incredible painting”. To see my mass of unedited images from the night see I Am 8-Bit in Gallery NOTCOT.

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Hey I went to the show last night too!

Here are my pictures!


P.S. I absolutely adore your site and read it everyday, haha…

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