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Order of the Science Scouts- 04.26.07

The “arts and crafts” badge. The “I may look like a scientist but I’m actually also a ninja” badge. The “sexing up science” badge. The “my degree inadvertently makes me competent in fixing household appliances” badge. The “I left the respectable sciences to pursue humanistic studies of the sciences” badge. The “has frozen stuff just to see what happens” badge (LEVEL III) The “dodger of monkey shit” badge. The “inordinately fond of invertebrate” badge. The “knows how to collect semen from more than one species” badge. (from left to right, top to bottom)…. THESE are some of my favorites from the Order of the Science Scouts Badges… but really they are all too hilarious (and cutely iconic) for words.


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i know im a nerd for loving these, but theyre truly amazing. i’d like to think i deserve a badge for my shit-dodging skillz.

----- rugenius 27.04.07 07:03

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