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Ritual for Men- 04.13.07

Ritual - a new line of grooming products for men. Let it be stated now that i’ve never been into men who are more high maintenance than myself (and as a packaging obsessed girl, its hard not to accumulate and try more than my share of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, etc goods)… but that being said, i do love a guy who knows it all well enough to pick well. And i’m tempted to get some of these somewhat bizarre? unique? products by ritual to test out. Fun website… playful graphic design going on… but most intriguing are two products in particular. 1) Nature Calls - they are apparently “first to market” with this one… and you literally drop a few droplets into the toilet, pre-stink, and there will be no stink. (i feel skeptical but curious) 2) Trifecta - “Trifecta packs your three essential shower products into an all-in-one hair, body and facial wash, which lathers in both hard and soft water.” Someday, will SOMEONE please explain to me how some guys can get away with using one thing for hair body and face? And maybe they should swap to this? And third image up there is the gift set, which i think i’m a sucker for b/c of the wooden box.


if you’re going to name a company… and have a website… please make it easier to find than Ritual’s was… SEO, people!

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My recent order was accepted at the www.yourritual.com website; my payment was also received… unfortunately I have NOT received the product, and vendor does not respond to emails.

----- Wendy Station 07.02.11 13:09

This shit rocks! All puns intended.

----- Anthony Walker 15.05.07 15:07

It works, and is very unlike the japanese drops that are overpowering, the Ritual stuff has a really light lemony scent and somehow completely gets rid of smelll, not masking it.

----- Meghan 18.04.07 08:36

I’ve tried Ritual and it’s far and away the best grooming set I’ve ever used. Other brands are either too pricey or too complicated (i.e. 43 products that I NEED to make me my best). This is nice and easy, and it’s about time somebody just came out and addressed the way guys get ready … shit, shower and shave. The three s’s. I’ll be back for more. Oh, and you’re right, the box makes a great gift-I got it for all my groomsmen when I got married a couple months ago. The wife loves it too!

----- Hans 15.04.07 21:54

I’m not sure about the “first to market” deal, but the Japanese have already developed what my friend group affectionately calls “poopoo drops” (and, apparently, someone on flickr too)… Living in downtown LA, it’s just a short walk to Little Tokyo to get all the poopoo drops I need. They are a bit pungent for some (is the cure worse than the disease?), but I prefer it. Not sure what this product smells or works like, but the drops I’m used to do mask the scent quite powerfully. It seems to create a film over the top of the water or something.

----- Jacob Holloway 13.04.07 23:33

I cannot imagine conditions which would make it worthwhile to mask my spectacularly lurid manstink. It is how the world knows I am upwind of it. Nature Calls, indeed.

----- sparta 13.04.07 17:37

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