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Soren Hald- 04.15.07

Today was one of those sundays, the ones where you get a big burst of inspiration from so many new places… spent far too much time wandering about in the sun, people watching on haight, climbing up to the top of a park and staring out at the city… and then finding a treasure trove of designers, artists, and portfolios online that i’d never noticed before. Basically hours have passed and there is too much i’m dying to post ~

On fun simple gorgeous portfolio interfaces, i’m loving the simplicity of Soren Hald’s photography portfolio, the subtle rollovers (and frames), the way the whole strip recenters as you click… and the way it fits nicely regardless of width. Not to mention the stunningly playful images presented. (This and many other paths of inspiration today via Andrei Robu)


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