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The Kisses of Lola & Bailey- 04.24.07

What does a kiss LOOK like? How does what it looks like convey what it FEELS like? I’m not sure, but there is something complex and sensual about these pieces by Lola & Bailey ~ and this “The FIRST Kiss” collection. There are 5 kisses in all… here are the first four… check out Lola & Bailey to see the 5th. I discovered them through .org #4005.

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Lola&Bailey designs are so unique, but it’s the story that caught me. the third kiss with my current boyfriend went slightly pearshaped …lucky he was able to redeem himself with the 4th! 3rd and 4th kiss pendants are my personal favourites.

----- Hala 13.10.07 16:29

This remind me an advertisement in which it explain it’s drink as the taste of the first love.

----- QQ.ming 28.04.07 00:07

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