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Blogipeligo- 05.01.07

While i desperately hope and wish to be where there be anthropomorphic dragons, i fear i might be writing to you from the depths of the Blogipeligo. Yes, slightly focused on a mix of real life and intellectuals, just below the Bay of Angst and due left of the Wikipedia Project, floating in and out of the Straits of Web 2.0, and occasionally meandering the Sea of Memes (although the main Isle of Digg is down currently, the Viral Straits live on tonight) and drifting through the IRC Isles. It’s a crazy world this internets, but XKCD has managed to make quite the impressive old school Map of Online Communities. *Beware of the north/”practicals”… full map below.

Click to view in all its glory


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Porn can be considered the dark realm :-)

----- shadey 20.10.07 08:53

ok, what about all the porn!? that’s a community…

kind of…

but yaaaaaaaaaay Second Life!

----- Manti 24.08.07 23:24

Thats awesome

----- Pud 03.05.07 05:14

And you can pre-order a poster of this that contains even more detail!

----- Iko 03.05.07 04:26

where’s flickr?…is it in the lands of yahoo?

----- shane 02.05.07 21:01

@Anon - LJ at Bay of Angst, beside Xanga.

----- cthulhu 02.05.07 16:07

Livejournal.com is missing.

----- Anonymous 02.05.07 14:09

It is. The world is round. The sea of memes is just to the left of the blogs.

----- jenny 02.05.07 13:47

@Caroline - South East: Google’s Volcano Fortress

What’s below Sulawesi and above Post Secret at the Blogipeligo? I can’t make that up.

So is the hidden mountain at the Mountain of Web 1.0 at The Icy North…is it EMISA: Entwicklungsmethoden für Informationssysteme und Deren Anwendung (Development Methods for Information Systems and Their Application)?

----- cthulhu 02.05.07 12:07

Google’s not a community. But Orkut, owned by Google, is.

What I want to know is, shouldn’t the Sea of Memes be closer to the Blogipelago?

----- Sean 02.05.07 10:10

Google’s Volcano HQ is just below the IRC Isles and to the left of SourceForge :D.

----- Mark W 02.05.07 09:42

Where’s Google?!?!

----- Caroline 02.05.07 04:48

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