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Canon TX1- 05.21.07

Introducing my latest tech impulse buy - welcome the Canon TX1 to my pile of purse gadgets. Still in NY for Design Week, but to be honest i’ve been completely spent mentally and physically… so today has been incessant posting and enjoying the hotel room, with a minor excursion - where on the way back i stopped by the legendary B&H which happens to be across the street. I’ve never been! And i was amazed and horrified with the crammed amount of technology and lines… it was like disneyland, with a line for EVERYTHING (to check in my bag, to talk to the digicam guys, then to pay, then to pick up the products, then to pick up my bag…) it felt like a super dense overly efficient fry’s like technowonderland. And i’ve been quietly stalking and hoping to find a Canon TX1, which were supposed to be out this month, but no one has them! Even amazon is saying 1-3 weeks before shipping. So imagine my surprise when the guy behind the counter tells me he hasn’t seen them yet, but will check. And they have 3! The clerk next to him says he just checked this morning and there are none… but NOW there are three. So i couldn’t resist. (and yes, even the most serious of the B&H clerks were ready to drool over this incredible little piece of tech)

I don’t think you understand till you play with this hybrid digital camera/video TX1… its about the size of the tiny elph cameras. It is 7.1 mgp for stills with 10x OPTICAL ZOOM… and it shoots HD video. and its new physical UI is a pleasure to use, and the automatic lens cap is brilliant. And rotating lcd (so no more purse scratches for me). Not to mention image stabilization, and up to ISO 1600. Now - if only i had managed to get this a few days ago, my purse would have been much lighter (been shooting with the Digital Rebel) - and there might have been some videos… well, there’s still part of tomorrow left!


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Hi Ms. NotCot =) I’ve thought about this one for a while and remember that you had an early review on it. Would you recommend it now or wait for something new?

----- Allen 02.10.07 00:31

Hi all, I get one vias eBay. It was send from HongKong to germany via DPD within 4 Days and I LOVE THIS PEACE OF TECHNOLOGY.
A few pictures I did on the Canon PowerShot TX1 if you like:

----- Carsten Sander 17.06.07 11:06

Is there an audio jack to hook up a microphone?

----- Hasib 31.05.07 10:15

That camera looks amazing. How many minutes of video are you getting with a 1gb memory card?

----- Steve B 22.05.07 04:57

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