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Childhood Memories- 05.17.07

Since i was unable to attend Brooklyn Designs, luckily Sanam Petri had a chance to go and check out all the fantastic designs shown there earlier this week. Of them, she wrote me about “The Weirdest Exhibit: The guys at SSD (Site-Specific Design) have started a project that focuses on childhood memories, and features these giant, surreal bug-lamps. They’re supposed to be “whimsical,” but they really just creep me out.”

These fascinating Bugs as well as their series of Tops, actually quite amused me, and did in fact bring out the childhood memories i’ve had with my sister spending hours playing with spinning tops and collecting and inspecting many an insect. Gorgeous how they’ve managed to streamline those themes into such a clean aesthetic while keeping it so playful. Looking forward to seeing more of their work at ICFF.


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Something about those bug-lamps just made the hair on the back of my neck stand. Those are creepy ones all right.

----- SanDiegoClubs 21.05.07 02:42

For a second I thought you meant SSD as in (Salvador S. (I don’t know shit clearly) Dali. Only reason I clicked but now I’m happy as hell that i visited that!

----- LUUUUUKE 18.05.07 03:27

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