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Droog Starter Box- 05.23.07

DESIGNER STARTER BOX! Brilliant idea… why do we not have more of these, and what better way to get those friends and strangers who clearly lack some design in their lives up and going? This is an ideal set for college send offs, housewarmings, or just as a not so subtle hint?

This Starters Box by Droog is only 99 Euro, and will get someone started with their Do Frame Tape, Bowls plus, Salad Sunrise oil & vinegar set, Straps (to hold up anything and everything on your walls), Dishmop, Sucker (ultimate suction coat racks?), Sticky Lamp (brilliant!), and the Human Touch Catalog.

I want one. And i’d love to have 50 to distribute to people in need? What if we made our own sets… like the designer kitchen starter set. or 10”x10”x5” designer details for your bathroom (where everything you need is in a box that size). or a simplification through consumption set, where ironically we’d provide you with things to replace more complicated/unnecessary objects as well as a trashbag, etc to have the others disposed of or sent over in return. Ok, maybe i’m still buzzing a bit too fast in my head, but more gift sets like this Droog box have a lot of potential?


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