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Haight Inspirations- 05.02.07

On finding random creative inspiration when you least expect it, i shipped off a big batch of NOTCOT Buttons, and wandered (ok, i mean shopped) along Haight a little. And these two business cards caught my eye, great use of patterns… backsides and more info below.


The first one is “Behind the Post Office” (and adorable haight boutique with lots of ella moss, citizens of humanity, splendid to name a few) and the second is for the Adidas Concept Store.

Also loved the design details on the Behind the Post Office bag label and tissue paper.

2 Notes

Simply awesome!!!!!

----- evasèe 07.05.07 01:54

Very nice. Not enthusiatic about the post office font. Curious about the relationship between the Dino shop and Addidas address. Hot pattern though :)

----- Lone 02.05.07 16:31

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