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Qubus at ICFF- 05.23.07

Czech Design Studio (& Store!) Qubus, had a great ICFF booth showcasing designs in glass and porcelain that change and twist your perceptions of the materials. Maxim Velcovsky founded Qubus design studio with fellow designer Jakub Berdych in 2002, and since then have been creating an incredible collection of pieces like the classic solo cups in glass (with stems!), doll head candle holders (the drips can be quite creepy), porcelain containers cast from coke bottles, and porcelain rainboots. Subversive. Playful. Poignant. Occasionally creepy? Always brilliant. I was mesmerized finally seeing their pieces all in person.

Also check out much of their line at Thorsten Van Elten.






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I love the dolls heads candle holders awesome idea! Would love to keep intouch and see what other cool stuff you have!

----- Rach 21.06.07 19:51

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