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Vakaadoo Review- 05.03.07

The iPod nanos always felt like a bar of soap to me, a wet bar of soap, the type that was ready to launch out of your hand. Vakaadoo’s Soft Feel changes that to have that great slightly grippy texture, and you barely notice the case on it. (Unless you want to - by picking contrasting colors, etc.) Been playing with this for the last week or so, and actually have found that its brilliant feature i’ve fallen for is that i can attach my keys, etc to it, so while working out i don’t need to worry about various loose pieces. And the quality of the piece is really nice, almost surprising how seamlessly the front and back pieces slide together, and hold so well! More images below of what other goodies come packaged in with the case.

Things to note : The back of the case has the slots much like cellphones for charms/keychains, etc. There is a nice long neck length lanyard to clip to if you wish to wear it that way. Cable management a problem? They even include a cord wrapper. And to protect your touch wheel, there is also a thin clear film for it. So all in all, the Vakaadoo is one of the subtlest protective cases i’ve played with, and love it. Might need to check out their normal sized ipod cases too!

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CAVEAT EMPTOR! My experience with Vakaadoo as a product is that it is quite good, and met my expectations. My experience with Vakaadoo the company on the other hand was disappointing. Their website seems to offer “two for one” but I only received one case. I was told by their customer service rep (by email) that I did not read the terms of the offer carefully enough and this offer did not apply to the color I purchased (black). That may or may not be true; I still cannot find that disclaimer anywhere on the website, but in my business, “user-error” is not an acceptable excuse for system failure. So, they did not meet my expectations, and I would warn people that at the very least, their customer service is uneven, and at the worst, they enage in “bait and switch” tactics. Buyer beware!

----- alley_cat 19.07.07 20:02

Ipod is slim, who would have the idea to make it fat?

----- Mac' 10.05.07 13:04

I have my keys attatched to my phone…

----- Arenae 04.05.07 06:43

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