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iPhone - 06.29.07

Gah iPhone day!!! (Can you believe i held back from iPhone gushing this long?) And leave it to people to plan events on iPhone day…. SO i just rushed over to Daniel’s from the Federated Media Author Meetup on the penthouse of Hotel Vitale to gush over our new iPhones (yes we got two). The meetup was a great way to get to meet so much of the FM team/family in person like John Battelle and his lovely wife (who had the most incredible glasses we will have to NotCouture later), as well as catch up with some of the ladies from Sugar Publishing (Yum Sugar, Party Sugar!), Digg folks, Mena Trott (that this blog wouldn’t exist without), … ok and so many more, but for now, just wanted to give you the quick update, while i go find some much needed food. Few more shots of the iphone madness below… and um, i was a skeptic, but its pretty sweet.



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lucky you indeed!

----- josh 09.07.07 07:36

Ah. I cant stand the fact we in Australia have to wait til next year. I’m hoping that comes forward to November… in time for Christmas, and coincidentally the same month my current phone contract expires! haha. *crosses fingers*

----- Talie 01.07.07 23:44

that phone could have paid for my rent for a month.

i want one still. i can steal my neighbors wifi. or the wifi in the park.

----- mike 01.07.07 20:06

I want one for my wall.

----- Bimal 30.06.07 07:29

I would love to have one of those phones, I would even terminate my other phone service to get one!

----- Carrot 30.06.07 06:16

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