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O2’s Cocoon- 06.18.07

Syntes Studio has done a gorgeous job designing O2’s latest phone… the Cocoon. It’s sense of subtlety of the glossy white exterior is gorgeous, and the blue LED scrolling displays are playfully simple… not to mention the way it opens to expose a dark center. Only thing more fun than checking out the beautiful O2 site and images, are the concept sketches and renderings featured on their website. Something about that pebble like sketch demonstrating how when cut open, exposes the unexpected interior, translated very nicely to the final piece. And as for technical details… well it plays music, takes 2mgp pix, etc… cutest detail? It scrolls Good Morning to you when its nested and in alarm clock mode!

Here is where it began…. concept renders:

Here is where it ended up:

And some snap shots from the cute O2 website:


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Very nicely styled, quite Apple-esque, which is of no surprise.

----- r10t3r 06.03.09 07:08

I own a Cocoon and they are worth every penny of the £300 it cost me. :D

----- Wrin 23.10.07 09:29

O2 always have the nicest phones out of all the UK networks.

----- PJ 22.06.07 16:21

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