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Skirball Noah’s Ark- 06.27.07

Opening day of the much anticipated Skirball Cultural Center’s Noah’s Ark Exhibit today, and i managed to stop by before drive up to SF. It is essentially an interactive, extremely hands on, low tech space filled with creatures made from more recycled goods than you can imagine… built to withstand anything kids can do to them. In essence, i haven’t quite felt like i was 5 in a long time (particularly when one of their edutainment ladies actually asked me in that kindergarten teacher voice “have you seen what happens when you spin the barrel?” and “did you find this giraffe’s partner yet?”). Three phases, in three rooms, you experience the loading of the ark and exploring the environment, the interior of the ark during the flood, and the rainbow that concludes the space. It’s a fascinating and playful space full of pulleys, wheels, sounds, textures, rock walls, and creatures that will truly be loved by kids of all ages. There are also “happenings” filled with musical instruments and stories for all to play and experience together.










(yes, that wispy looking reflection in the second panel from the left is me)

For even MORE pics… see the gallery: Gallery NOTCOT Skirball Noah’s Ark

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i love the interior esp.the recycled art project ..the artistry and imagination on each animal shape.infact,gave me ideas for the ark project we are working on here in the Phils.congratuations!

----- teena gaw 30.09.07 07:57

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