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Time to Work Out?- 06.25.07

Every have one of those days where the world (read: internet) is trying to send you a message? A message like “go workout”? Or maybe its just some of the great design i found over at the Brandon Blog this morning. He has these gorgeous ads from a Brazilian Gym. The copy says: 1) Give your slender body a chance to get rid of you 2) Find your slender body hidden somewhere in your scale 3) Get rid of your weight off your shoulders. And below i also have the Nike+ ad that i can’t stop laughing from… “I’m not a runner… i don’t enjoy breathing heavy like a pregnant walrus… how can anyone be addicted to this? There’s no way around it, running sucks. But you know what sucks more? MAN BOOBS.” So true.




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Um… I can’t help thinking of Ray Bradbury’s short story where the man was fighting his skeleton, and died when it eventually escaped his skin and flesh.

----- Michelle 12.07.07 20:28

I work with advertising here in Brazil and these ads are very cool.
please, check out this video we made for Discovery Channel.
It’s got a Bronze Lion in Cannes Festival 2007


----- rafael 26.06.07 14:29

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