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6 Travel Chopsticks- 07.06.07

Ok, on odd fixations for the night, i remembered an old OLD post on travel chopsticks (dan actually even bought them)… and they were silly and complex? As shade elaine and i wonder… they aren’t really that much lighter, or take up that much less space… why do you need them? where are you bringing them? Well… i googled travel chopsticks and we were the first hit… so i browsed more, and apparently the travel chopstick options have come a long way! So below are 6 awesome options i’ve found to meet your travel chopstick needs. Trust me, they are quite impressive design objects… esp for such a simple instrument.

Flip Sticks by Brunton “When we unveiled the MY-Ti Folding Spork last year, we knew we had another winner waiting in the wings. For 2007 we bring you another must-have. Introducing the world’s first set of bamboo folding chopsticks, Flip Sticks.” Yes, they FOLD. No nooks or crannies or tubes for the leftover food to rot in.

Kikkerland Travel Chopsticks at Flight 001 ~ these have a cute plastic carrying case that can go in your pocket protector? Features stainless steel construction with hardwood tips.

TrippStixx were apparently “3000 years in the making. Worth the wait.” and they have precision attachment and customizable logos. Not to mention “One set of handles, two sets of interchangeable tips: Banquet Style and Sushi Style.”

Snowpeak Travel Chopsticks were the ones we first wrote about… they are still pretty sweet compared to the other options.

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen Collapsible Travel Chopsticks are described as “Convenient yet still stylish, this pair of collapsible chopsticks comes with its own carrying case. Perfect for travel, work, or meals on-the-go, this pair of cream colored chopsticks is made of durable polystyrene, which can withstand up to 284 degrees.”

Vargo ChopstiX which are described as “Asian tradition for backcountry enthusiasts, the ChopstiX are a lightweight and simple alternative to Western cutlery. Their compact design and handy nylon case make using them a breeze.”

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where in austarlia can i get Vargo ChopstiX from

----- scott nughrnt 17.10.12 04:35

The first one is a joke. Seriously, wired handles?? I can imagine it works wonder for forks but it will never work as chopsticks. Anybody who actually knows how to use chopsticks would have a good laugh about it. The snow peak one looks like the best bet but I do think it is over priced. Luckily I already got mine, which are entirely made of ebony and can be disconnect at the middle with easy screwing(screw connector is made of brass). My chopsticks are still in perfect condition after years of heavy duty usage(I’m from Szechuan so surviving hot pot at a regular base is crucial for my chopsticks). I got mine from China though I think the quality is superb.

----- Yuanting 15.07.10 22:03

I’ve been struggling with choosing a pair of chopsticks to keep in my Scottevest…

I like the Tripstixx idea, but they’re plastic; they won’t hold up in a Szechuan Hot Pot. The Snowpeak ones are looking like a better idea, but I’m not sure about the wood…

Perhaps a pair of jade chopsticks?

----- Mattheous 06.03.10 12:31

Most disposable chopsticks are not bamboo— they are made from birch and other trees.

----- Leon 01.04.09 06:53

“But I wouldn’t worry about chopping down some bamboo for chopsticks… It’s not a tree…. it’s a grass, and there is lots of bamboo over the world, and it grows very, very quickly.”

The problem with disposable bamboo products is two-fold. 1)The amount of disposable chopsticks going into landfills every year in Asian countries is astounding. While it is a biodegradable product, when it is mixed in with all the other garbage it just makes more garbage overall. 2)The collection of this renewable resource (and others) can be ethically and environmentally questionable. Dig deep people. Things are never so simple.

----- Alana 28.02.09 13:22

Wonderful travel chopsticks…I have some in my collection and they get used. But I wouldn’t worry about chopping down some bamboo for chopsticks… It’s not a tree…. it’s a grass, and there is lots of bamboo over the world, and it grows very, very quickly.

----- Cato 17.05.08 21:24

There are several reasons why one would use one of these “eco-friendly” chopsticks. First, in the past few years, there has been much commotion over the safety of disposable bamboo chopsticks. In Taiwan they tested samples from all the disposable chopstick manufactures and found that the amount of Sulfer Dioxide (used to bleach the chopsticks) were at alarming levels that were harmful to the body. Addtionally, there were incidents where disposable chopsticks were reused/repackaged. All this led the current trend of carrying your own chopsticks. If you go to asian countries like Taiwan, it won’t be uncommon for people to bring their own portable chopsticks to diners and eateries. Secondly, these would be considered eco-friendly in the sense that you would be saving bamboo trees from the unfortunate demise of being cut up for disposable chopsticks. If you can save a tree by not using paper bags and bringing your own, why not save a few bamboo trees by bringing your own chopsticks. I hope this has been informative and will explain why these portable chopsticks are not “reinventing the wheel”. On a personal note, I’m hard pressed to choose between #2 and #4. Anyone have experience with any of these?

----- ISAAC 15.05.08 00:40

Great info here. I’d been looking for a travel pair of chopsticks for a while, but I didn’t know which brands or styles were actually going to be worth the money. Now at least I have something to work with. As for question of “why?”…I was specifically looking for something that didn’t have a great deal of length on them when packing with my bento lunches. The added width isn’t a problem since the little bento bags are more than wide enough; it was the length that always created a problem.

----- Sandy 10.03.08 08:40

These are pretty cool, but I bought the Telescoping Chopsticks from EverythingChopsticks. You just can’t get more awesome than that. :P


----- Amanda 11.01.08 11:30

The travel chopsticks are very eco-friendly. Saving the the two sticks of bamboo, and hopefully the bamboo tree.

----- Page 12.12.07 11:00

Where are the telescoping toy light saber ones!

----- Jake 07.07.07 15:18

I’m reaching here, but since I bought some of these a few weeks ago… Imagine having a pair of chopstics in your pocket. It’s hard to sit down with full size ones, this way you can sit in a chair and still have some chopsticks in your pants.
(Though if you are carrying food… yes, it’s a stretch)

----- faust 06.07.07 18:40

“As shade elaine and i wonder… they aren’t really that much lighter, or take up that much less space…” I would actually argue that they take up MORE space with their fancy cases and such. And “eco-friendly”? Can you really be eco-friendlier than two sticks of bamboo? Talk about reinventing the wheel..? But really, I’m curious to hear about situations where these would be needed…

----- ShadeElaine 06.07.07 00:53

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