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Absolut New Orleans- 07.19.07

Absolut New Orleans “the flavor of inspiration” - apparently Absolut (insert city name here) is no longer just an ad you see, but they are now becoming real liquors of their own. The limited edition Absolut New Orleans is a fruity mango vodka with a spicy black pepper kick (sounds yummy, must find some!). 100% of the profits from this product are donated to various Gulf Region charities. Yesterday, at Tales of the Cocktail, the annual New Orleans culinary and cocktail festival, this special flavor was officially announced. You can even go vote for the next city (i vote LA).

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Hey, just got it and it tastes delicious!!!!!!!

I did not know about the limited edition and the thing about Gulf relief stuff! that’s great!!!!!!!

----- Gianluca 15.09.08 19:33

Just brought a bottle back to the UK, it is gorgeous hope I can find some here, found several stores in Washington DC. Can not imagine previous person not liking it, send it over LOL

----- Se 23.06.08 16:18

I live in Pittsburgh and I’m looking straight at a bottle of my own right now. It’s available nationwide. If you want some, have your local state/liquor store order it in.

----- Raijin 10.02.08 15:44

Found it in the clearance basket @albertsons….good stuff!

----- Lea 01.01.08 20:05

Anybody know where its readily available in NYC? Help! I need it for Christmas presents!

----- Amita from New 0rleans 17.12.07 12:40

Don’t bother..I just had it and it’s terrible

----- bob 25.11.07 18:47

You need to ask for it. It is available nationwide but must be ordered by a liquour store. If your shop doesn’t have it on the shelves, ask them to order a case. It is only available in the 750 ml size.

----- Doug 19.11.07 13:29

Go to a liquor store and ASK THEM TO ORDER IT. Sheesh.

----- jen 08.11.07 11:00


----- DES 05.11.07 20:55

Go to a liquer store…

----- Matt 11.10.07 12:34

How do I get a hold of a couple of bottles of absolute New Orleans? I don’t live in New Orleans. thanks!

----- susan goldstein 01.10.07 13:40

‘Look for the drowned harmonica’

----- Uncle Ralph 05.09.07 16:23

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