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Atelophobia- 07.17.07

Sarah (yes our Delicious Life & TasteSpotting Sarah) just linked me to this gorgeous (and thematically oh so LA) painting by Shannon Bonatakis… Atelophobia: The Fear of Imperfection is the title… and it really resembles any tabloid shot of most actresses these days. Also, browsing through her sketches, found some amusing Harry Potter themed pieces as well (see below!) which seemed appropriate for this week.




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isn’t it Atelophopia?

----- Tim 19.07.07 03:32

“and thematically oh so LA” is pretty funny considering she lives in Boulder Colorado.

----- Alex 18.07.07 19:53

I don’t know. I think it’s still missing the huge boob job for that true “tits-on-a-stick” look, so in vogue these days.

----- Eduo 18.07.07 00:37

really nice !

----- nesk 18.07.07 00:10

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