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Bowflex SelectTech- 07.02.07

Bowflex SelectTech popped up on Uncrate, and while this isn’t usually the type of thing that catches my attention… their “dial a weight” system really is pretty efficient and does seem much easier than readjusting by manually adding and subtracting weights. Design wise, they are certainly the opposite end of the spectrum from those nice super minimalist nike weights… but i am certainly curious to play with these and see how their dialing mechanism works, and how secure it feels the way the weights are latched on. There are three sets, one with weights going up to 20 lbs, second goes up to 52.5 lbs, and the largest one for the hardcore weight trainer goes up to 90 lbs!

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Me and my partner purchased the 52.5 lbs set with the stand in January and it works like a charm. Quick, Compact, and it makes an awsome metalic sound (like unsheathing a sword) when you pull up the weights from the stand. They look good too resting in the corner of the room. Techy, sleek and masculin; but you have to like a very industrial look if your are trying to decorate arround them.

----- Ben Rich 08.07.07 22:21

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