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Bubblescope- 07.03.07

Bubblescope… bringing the 360 degree omni cam into the hands of any and everyone! This on brings me back to my UCSD HCI Lab days, where we had our omnicam strapped to the top of Infiniti Q45, capturing 360 degree video data of subjects’ drives… which were then used to process lane changes, driving behaviors, etc etc… fascinating stuff, naturally i was amused with watching the circular video footage both in circle form and after you stretch them back to normal.

But enough about that, the Bubblescope!= was over on Josh Spear and i hadn’t had time to write about it until now (with all that iphone madness and what not)… Tom Lawton is turning this into a water bottle looking camera for everyone. Now we can ALL take 360 view images… its especially fun indoors as well as capturing vast expanses of fields, etc… really fun way to completely change your perspective of a space. Point and shoot panorama’s anyone?



Also check out some of the image’s from Tom’s blog… and how his panoramas look as he’s traveled the world!

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found something similar here but seems more advanced to me : www.giroptic.com - anyone tried it before ?

----- Peter 28.08.08 07:18

WANT one , how much & when ,ware ?

----- Richard Corso 17.07.07 06:55

savy. very.

----- solidWHAM 04.07.07 13:07

Yay! Yay!! There are so many times I’ve wanted something like this— esp. when hiking, at tops of mountains. Whoo-hoo!

----- jessica 03.07.07 18:36

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