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Diesel Human After All- 07.14.07

Perhaps the most honest or realistic portrayal of the future of humanity… by our brutally/cheekily honest Diesel campaign of the season: Human After All. They have hit on some of the underlying oh so human things that probably wont change… (if history has anything to say about it)… like the boyf/girlf fights with clothes being thrown out of an apt, flight delays, balls breaking things they shouldn’t, pancakes sticking to the ceiling, cars breaking down, and of course… (wtf?) putting ikea furniture together? Well, personally i hope that ikea retires that terrible coffee table by the future (i think ive known too many people with that table!). (thanks, alex)

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative directors: Anne de Maupeou, Frederic Temin
Copywriters: Eric Jannon, Dimitri Guerassimov
Art directors: Nicolas Chauvin, Romin Favre
Photographer : Johan Renck

Here are the rest!






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funny campaign… I like taking pictures of ads together with the urban environment.. sometimes it all became it’s own kind of “special sense of humor” ..

I have linked back here to your post, hope you don’t mind !!


----- Milo 30.01.08 09:18

“bite it you scum…” where in the world do i get those shoes…? my ankle hurts and i need them immediately. i can’t seem to find them anywhere… still an awesome shot of the clones even if it’s all post production and that kid is priceless (all the other models need to be punched in the face…)

----- edmond dantès 04.12.07 14:45

i worked on this shoot, i guess it does look great - but it should considering there were 7 straight days shooting with a budget of almost half a mil (£)… the shot of the clones in tubes was about 20 shots laid on top of each other (there was only one glass tube) all that postproduction and you can still see a lead from a profoto head in the bottom right and corner behind the guys leg.. whoops.

----- sj 24.10.07 06:53

Great advertising. Love it!

----- Louwna 29.09.07 05:04

this is amazing!


----- Anonymous 21.08.07 18:20

Such a good campaign.
I hope to see what others will come up with to top it.

----- Naomi 21.08.07 07:51

lol…………. kid balon !

----- gerard 20.08.07 22:37

I love this campaign so much - fashion meets retro meets sci fi - top marks!

----- james 19.08.07 14:33

does anyone know where to purchase the shoes in that ad …?

----- edmond dantès 09.08.07 12:53

I like the soccer one the best. Youth is such a wonderful thing.

----- Rob Poitras 17.07.07 13:40

Diesel has really nice campaigns..

----- Larry 15.07.07 15:02

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