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iPhone Packaging- 07.01.07

Ok ok, so perhaps you’re sick of the iPhone by now, or you’re just starting to fall deeply madly in love with it, but either way… i was just playing around with the iPhone bits on my desk, and wanted to point out some design details in the PACKAGING. (and as for my take on the UI, the verdict is still out, and part of me wants to return it, although its growing on me.)

So first thing… did you notice that on top of the over dramatized shadow on the only button on the front of the iPhone… the designers actually bothered to have an actual indentation where that button is on the cover of the box? The whole phone is extruded as well, but that is even more subtle than the button… More silly packaging design gushing below.

See? dramatic shadowing of the button on the box image as well as the indentation.

Before i fell for the iPhone box, i fell for the bag, no creases! And it fits boxes perfectly… looked like it was made for 3, or 2 and accessories.

Love that they have hardcore foam in the top of the lid, and thick plastic holding the iPhone up… not to mention the little pull tab in the middle to easily lift it.

p.s. sorry the pics aren’t so great, i don’t have all my photography stuff up in SF with me right now… so these are just some quick snap shots in bad lighting at my desk.

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For a project I have to create a box similar to the iPhone box. Coudl you please send me detaled photos with the iPhone packaging and if you could explain me the materials it is done from?

Thank you!

----- Daniel Condurachi 14.11.08 08:53

It’s a freakin’ box! All cell phones come in a box. However, most don’t add $20 to the cost of the phone. Then again, if you’re wasting $2000 on an iPhone anyway, why not? It just proves you’re a iDiot!

----- Bill Gates 05.07.07 07:14

So nice… I am waiting un-patiently for mine in the mail. Just seems dumb I have to wait 2-4 weeks when they are sitting on store shelves available right now.

----- Chris Coyier 03.07.07 06:59

It’s called “blind embossing.” It’s pretty ubiquitous in the U.S. Check out any mass market paperback display.

----- Chris 03.07.07 05:08

Man, that packaging is just GORGEOUS!! You’re really lucky to have gotten one! :)

----- Mischa 02.07.07 08:34

Yes, the packaging is absolutely brilliant. When I show people the phone for the first time I put it back in the box so they can have the wonderful experience of opening it.

Way to go Apple.

----- John 02.07.07 06:59

That’s some beautiful packaging! I wouldn’t expect anything else of Apple, though. Can’t wait until it launches in the UK, I must have one!

----- minxlj 02.07.07 01:32

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