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Meet Psy- 07.16.07

There’s a scavenger hunt afoot on the web and you’ve just found a piece of the puzzle. Ok, confused? Well read about the details at Mimoco. With SD Comic Con coming up next week, Mimoco will be launching its nine new Core Series 2 Mimobot Art Toy USB Flash Drives, and i’m proud to announce the first one below - so, meet Psy! This adorable cyclops of a flash drive has an adorable reptilian (or dino?) like look that will definitely keep your data safe. So there are 4 Psy Mimobots for you to win… one through the scavenger hunt (more details below), and three from NOTCOT! If you’d like to win one of our three, leave a comment with your idea for a great new USB device/toy/creature, and i’ll pick three winners on July 25th (which is the end of the scavenger hunt, and the release of all 9 new Mimobots!)


So, how’s the scavenger hunt work? (As quoted from Mimoco)

The mimobot Core Series 2 is on the way… but who are they!? You have the chance to be the first to find out! Every day between now (7/16) and Comic Con (7/24), one of our media partners will exclusively reveal one of the nine new Core Series 2 mimobot Art Toy USB Flash Drives. Be the first to find the mimobot breaking news and post it (with a link) on our forums (along with a little extra… read on!), and you could win a mimobot Art Toy USB Flash Drive in that day’s newly revealed design! Not only that, but the mimobot you receive will be the very first of a limited edition of 2,000, complete with documentation that the ‘bot is #1/2,000!

Sound simple? Well, there’s more… because if a game is too easy, it’s not as fun (right Mega Man fans?)! In addition to the Core Series 2 revelation, you’re going to have to find a ‘key phrase’ taken from another of our media partners. We’ll provide the ‘key phrase’ at noon Eastern time each day on the forum. It’ll be taken from a story on the front page of one of our media partners (not the one breaking the Core Series 2 news). The first to post the mimobot breaking news (with link) PLUS the location of the ‘key phrase’ (with link) will be that day’s scavenger hunt winner!
Good luck to all, and a big thanks to our media partners breaking the news of all the new Core Series mimobot characters! And don’t worry if you’re not the first one; each media partner will be giving away three of the character they’re revealing! They won’t be #1, but they’ll still rock.

MEDIA PARTNERS to hunt for Codes and Announcements on:
Core 77
High Snobiety
Josh Spear
Millionaire Playboy
Plastic & Plush
Shiny Shiny
Vinyl Pulse

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30 Notes

I would like monsters inspired by some music stars, like mutants.
Madonna with a lion, James Brown with a gorilla, Diana Ross with a cat… I don’t know they could do a lot of funny things
but I’m french si I don’t know if I can participate to this contest

----- David 26.07.07 14:04

Some classic Hanna-Barbera characters (Flintstones, Jetsons) or Universal Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon) would look great as USB drives.

As others above have stated, a color-changing Mimobot would also be cool…

----- MATT 24.07.07 11:05

I’d really love to see a tokidoki designed mimobot. I love tokidoki and I’m always wearing one of their bags so that would be a great addition! I also collect vinyl toys and seeing a vimobot would also be nifty!

----- Jenn 24.07.07 08:41

I love USB toys!

There used to be a USB hub that was like a 8” tall Godzilla that I wanted so bad.

Why not a USB Toy that changes colors when notcot updates? haha.

Just kidding.

I love all the vinyl toys at kidrobot.com though, so I’d probably like to see a line of Frank Kozik creatures with a usb drive in it.

----- Rachel 22.07.07 15:10

I’d like a john cusack, say anything inspired one .

It’d be wearing a trench coat, holding a stereo, making us all fall in love with it.

It could come preloaded with In your eyes.

It’d make me swoon.

----- Danielle 20.07.07 08:47

they should make an Addams Family set of mimobots…complete with Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Pugsely, Wednesday, the Thing and don’t forget Cousin Itt :D:D:D

----- art 19.07.07 22:39

no mimobot ideas but a usb device shape none the less…
- Swords -

The lid would be (of course plastic or non sharpened aluminum) the blade and the usb case would be the hilt, or handle. Have different styles and sword types e.g. bastard (short) swords, flamberge rapiers and the like - because they can be quite unique.

if not that then go for a character similar to the herculoids…?

----- Aeron 19.07.07 19:51

    how about a round Mimobot? that way it can double as a stress ball and pet toy :)

    would love to have an eating Mimo - a cute hungry creature consuming a platefull of Icecream or cake, with traces of cream/cake around its mouth, and a “caught in the act” face, when opened, the USB can be candy coloured or the colour of the food that Mimo so guiltily ate

    how about Mimobots with special inspiration quotes?

    a pirate Mimobot

    a dog or cat Mimobot for pet lovers

----- Tet 18.07.07 15:42

a changing color mimobot. like those fiber optic things or the flurry screen saver. when you plug it in, it steadily changes colors in the proper spectrum order. i think it would be great if the whole body changes color or a part… like a mimo bot with a heart that changes colors (changing heart… get it? har har).

----- Grace 17.07.07 20:47

Squids ‘n octopi sound good - hey, how about something topical — a giant squid usb! You’d never run out of storage (‘yeah, like that’s never been said before’) with a 60-foot long flash drive!

Okay, so perhaps a bit unwieldy. Fine.

Cthulu is always popular, at least until he comes for you.

For characters, I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest bun-bun, from sluggy freelance.

Who doesn’t love bun-bun?!

(Be careful — he might be listening … he’s not as friendly as he appears in plush, even with that switchblade.)

----- Duncan S 17.07.07 18:51

I guess a funny chipmunk would be awesome.

----- Ania 17.07.07 18:06

Squid would be awesome.

----- amanda 17.07.07 12:51

USB-rechargeable Bluetooth headset.

----- Duncan Beevers 17.07.07 11:05

Sweet toughts. Osama Bin Laden, George Bush with clown nose, Saddam Hussein, and terorrists from Hammas and fatta would sweet collectors itens.
WAR is peace.Fuck that!
Cheers !

----- Curtis K. Santos 17.07.07 10:36

As a great fan. Use the MISFITS skull man! There it goes! a trick idea. Ando for the fellas at MIMOBOT why don’t ya use usb on the both sides. this way you could increase size and capacity for this USBs.

----- Takashi Miyamoto 17.07.07 10:30

MIMOBOTS will never die!
My idea for great MIMOBOTS are like rock’n’roll(that’ll never ever die), KISS MIMOBOTS series dudes! That will be wicked !
Yeah I wanna rock’n’roll all nite and design every day !

----- Kooki Miyamoto 17.07.07 10:23

Hello Guys!
I think a cute idea for this Mimobots would be the Bunnys Bug girlfriend.She’s cute, sexy and she(it) rocks ! Like you guys. Thanx for having such a nice website as NOTCOT.

----- Carla Minetto 17.07.07 10:20

Political Figures for the up comming election. They are all odd creatures running for ‘08

----- Jason P 17.07.07 10:20

Here are my ideas for a Mimooco USB toy.

Naked Bear

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 17.07.07 10:15

“Harry Potter” magic wands with usb device in the handle

----- Nospace 17.07.07 09:52

This mimobot is great! It gave me an idea for others with mythology-like themes. I think Medusa, Zeus, Hades, Argus, the Centaur, the Minotaur and others along those lines would make cool mimobots.

----- Chris 17.07.07 09:20

They should make a penguin or perhaps a squid mimobot

----- jared 17.07.07 08:51

Nice Mimobot! I like the scales; my idea of a great new USB device/toy/creature, would be to model one after my design, located at:

----- AW177 17.07.07 08:29

I’ve always been partial to the classics… think Clash of the Titans classic. Bubo the owl? Or, how about a Gorgon, then?

----- chris 17.07.07 08:25

My idea for a new mimoco is to have a line of presidents - for example it would probably be a great help to remove President George W’s head to insert some data - and since Clinton couldn’t keep his pants on they could be removed as the cap.

----- KC Rooney 17.07.07 08:12

I love that USB key!

As for my idea… not that original, and perhaps I’m the only one, but I would love to have a USB key designed after Ickis, Oblina, or Krumm from the old Nicktoon, AHH! Real Monsters…The Gromble would be fun, as well. :D

----- mr. ii 17.07.07 07:11

I think it would be great to combine mimobots with an MP3 player….and do a series of Marvel ones….Spidey!!!

----- Heather 17.07.07 05:47

I’d like to see a pirate themed USB Drive where the peg leg comes off and that is stuck into the computer.

----- Sean Wright 17.07.07 05:21

A little pot with a flower that moves/shakes, when filled with data..

----- Eelke 17.07.07 05:13

here goes

‘a glow in the dark skeleton’

complete with proper ink :)

----- Jesse 17.07.07 01:30

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