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NotCouture Launch!- 07.30.07

NotCouture #588NotCouture #631NotCouture #570NotCouture #597NotCouture #636NotCouture #610NotCouture #606NotCouture #577NotCouture #633NotCouture #627NotCouture launch is official! Click any of those pics up there to find out more about them… I know, regular readers have been hearing about it for a while, but outside we’ve been keeping it pretty quiet, and everything needs a proper announcement! So to celebrate our 4th site (1st NOTCOT.com, then NOTCOT.org, followed by TasteSpotting, and now for your luxe and fashion indulgences…) NotCouture… we are going to have a week of extra fashion and wearable posts, and all the usual designer inspiration as well of course… we will also be having a giveaway (you’ll hear more about the great denim tomorrow) as well as some exclusive 25% off discounts to some of our favorite online retailers, because, honestly, if you are nearly as tempted as we are by all the mens and womens fashions and accessories, the 25% off certainly helps to soften the blow to your wallet!

How can you help? Spread the word! Tell your fashion loving friends (or those who could use some shopping inspiration). And definitely feel free to help contribute posts of designers, shoes, bags, dresses, belts, products that you love! (Don’t forget - we’ll have some fun new announcements every day this week.)


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