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The Fine Cheese Co Crackers- 07.30.07

I can admit it - as much as i love fine cheeses and crackers, packaging still sways my purchasing… luckily this time it paid off. Came across these Fine Cheese Company Crackers at Faletti’s which are imported from Bath, and the boxes have gorgeous imagery and typography. Above are the Sea Salt and Olive Oil (absolutely delicious to munch on plain even) and the Rosemary Crackers. Below i also have pictures of the natural and charcoal crackers with simpler illustration and typography on the box that is worth taking a look at. I also found the Charcoal Crackers visually interesting, being black they look really nice in contrast with white cheeses.




hmmmmm next time i throw a NOTCOT party, i’d love to have alternating sea salt and olive oil crackers with the charcoal crackers… for that full black and white effect!

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I love the “Red Hot Chili Crackers” with some Port Wine Cheddar! My local grocer in Princeton New Jersey had them available for some time, but they stopped carrying them which has PISSED ME OFF. Trying to find somewhere online that sells them…Having a hard time finding a store that sells them online in the USA…Frustrating!

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