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Bravia Play Doh Bunnies- 08.11.07

braviabunnies.jpgSo i’ve been hearing about the Sony Bravia play doh bunnies running around NY all weekend, and finally sat and tried to dig up whatever info and images possible (thank goodness for flickr… particularly dennyliem and davidwatts1978 who had great sets up from the shoot)… and i’ve compiled them below for a quick overview (and they just make me smile ~ i wish i could have seen them in person!).

So here’s the story - its the third of the Sony Bravia “Color like no other” campaigns… the first being the bouncy balls in SF and then the paint explosions in Glasgow… and coming soon, the play doh bunnies in NY! I can’t wait, check out what people have seen so far below. According to TV Ad Land, “Play Doh is being staged in New York by Frank Budgen of Gorgeous Enterprises, working with a creative team from Fallon, including creative director Juan Cabral.”





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I already have one a big yellow one my dad got it 4 me ilove bunnys always have so much im evan named after a dutch cartoon one!

----- miffy 30.10.08 10:30

OK, found one from Sony Europe. Check it out here: http://colour.sony.eu/bravia.html

----- Jhourlad Estrella 17.08.08 02:50

Anybody knows where I can download a high resolution version of this video?

----- Jhourlad Estrella 17.08.08 02:46

Those are very cute images. They have similar things in Some russian cities.

----- Dmitri 19.04.08 12:51

can u buy one of these bunnys???? im think 4 a xmas present..

Please help

signed helpless

----- joz 16.12.07 13:36

this is one of my favourite sony adverts its beautiful and emaginative (did i spell that right?) and clever its nice and honnorable the way sony involve real normal people just like my other 2 favourites with the paint and the little balls

----- xemags 06.12.07 06:54

I helped to make those bunnies, boy were they tough! Made from an evil toxic foam, not playdoh!

----- Anonymous 06.11.07 14:06

i love bunnies and this advertisment is an fantastic way to get your message across to all the bunny lovers and sony bravia lovers too! lots of bunny kisses

----- teacher-vag 22.10.07 20:13

One of the nicest video’s Sony has created so far! You can find the full making of here

----- Kristof 18.10.07 15:47

Are you aware that the concept for this commercial was ripped-off from the works of pop artists kozyndan? Its a take on one of their famous panoramas, right down to the space invaders nod at the opening. It would have been nice for them to have been acknowledged and nicer still if they’d been paid, considering the animators had requested samples from them at the start of the project.

their original:

gizmodo on the rip-off

kozyndan’s response:

----- t o n x 10.10.07 21:20

amazing amazing amazing!!!!!

----- KLIM 08.10.07 12:20

I was at that shoot , got to be an extra :-p, animating thos bunnies seemed to be a pain in the ass, they told us we had to be still the whole time during the animation, witch made sense but damn it musta taken forever in editing to no make the background look drugy :P

----- bunnies R us 23.08.07 07:26

oh boy oh boy oh boy…i can’t wait. for a commercial. seriously.

----- melissa 14.08.07 16:37

We at Bunnies United are pleased to see our wonderous forms used in such a positive and healthy manner bringing happiness to all. Bunnies Unite!

----- The Bunnie King 14.08.07 12:54

I was a camera assistant on this job… an incredible experience and phoenomenal creative process indeed!!! Check out some shots from a different angle: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimensionalentity/sets/72157601438423082/

----- Anonymous 14.08.07 12:39

I want one of each color - about 2 inches tall. Is this a sales opportunity or what. Prefer not to be molded plastic…something like that pink eraser material.

Come on you entrepeneurs….get on this quick.

----- Anonymous 14.08.07 10:22

Can’t wait to see their third ad.

----- Brajeshwar 14.08.07 10:11

Could this cone bunny (http://derek.broox.com/photos/lollapalooza-2007/10721/) seen at Lollapalooza be linked to this?

----- kevin 14.08.07 09:47

These are amazing.

----- Shanna 14.08.07 09:09

Do I have to come up there?That is the cutest.

----- sonar 14.08.07 06:21

I was at the shoot with all the bunnies by the courthouse and the bunny table and the animators with the white gloves.

Someone asked one of the animators how they mark the bunnies at the end of the day, he said “we don’t, we do one shot a day, if we don’t get it, its a rehearsal”

----- Stifin 13.08.07 23:47

I love all these pictures. I wonder if Denny got these straight from New York or if he grazed them? I can’t believe no one has posted any videos of this.

----- Heath 12.08.07 15:18

awwwe i wanna take one home!!!

----- Jes 11.08.07 23:00

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