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Computer Monster- 08.04.07

cookiemonster.jpgSo, i was just watching this old Sesame Street clip over at Crave ~ nothing quite as awesome on a saturday afternoon as watching Cookie Monster’s Green brother (?) “eat the hell out of a computer” as Tim so nicely put it. And this got me thinking… so about NotVideo, responses were all across the board (and hey, for a made in 3 hour pilot - it was pretty fun!) ~ but hardest thing that kept coming up was “who will be the face of NOTCOT?”… wouldn’t it be incredible to bring back something a little more sesame street and less rocketboom/webbalert meets ze frank/ask a ninja? Or something with a little of all of the above mixed in one? Well, let me know what you’re thinking, or if anyone wants to play around with making some videos that lean more towards the crazy fun artsy side of things… but for now: check out the Green Cookie Monster guy consuming a computer as it rambles on below!


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More please.

----- penelope michler 23.08.07 08:57

A great idea. Nothing like variety, and small easily digestible bits sounds… if not delicious.. then definitely notcoty(esque?)

----- Jackson 04.08.07 18:35

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