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Lunch boxes in LaLaLand- 08.03.07

LaLaLand presents Hot Lunch! A series of metal lunch boxes - complete with matching thermoses! And you can’t imagine how much i wish i was a kid and needed one of these suddenly. My four favorites are from Shag, Bigfoot1, Amanda Visell, and Kristi Gushiken’s Can Cam! More views of these below. View the full collection at LaLaLand.





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I’ve got to get myself a can cam. Very cool.

----- REUBENMILLER 07.08.07 16:20

Lunchboxes like these would be wasted on kids! I say we claim them ALL, in the name of our own lost childhoods. I call dibs on the “Niagra” box!

----- The Slapster 05.08.07 20:48

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