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Nike Clock Interactive- 08.30.07

Pardon my premature posting earlier (previous Nike Gone Running Clock post) ~ i was too excited to be playing with the real thing in my hands i forgot to hunt down more info. Luckily for you (and me) Rob over at I Love Substance left a note that the online Women’s Nike Store with the Interactive Gone Running Clock ~ best part? You can drag the hands around, and they have an anti-excuse for any time you pick about why you should be running. Some of my favorites are below. AND? For all of you that wanted your own, you can register and get one.

Also, above is my favorite one of all - “The internet will be here when you get back. Promise.” I think thats my cue to back away from the laptop… and perhaps run a little.



4 Notes

I really want one of these signs!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere!!

----- Linda Tendler 02.07.11 14:18

I was wondering if there was anywhere or anyway for me to get one of these. Willing to purchase but I have not had any luck finding it, through ebay or elsewhere. :(

----- Melissa 17.02.11 09:55

Can you still get one of these clocks? The link doesn’t work anymore. Thanks!

----- Marcy 21.05.09 11:59

just nice and nike!!

----- Rahim Mohammadi 07.09.07 04:05

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