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Nike Gone Running- 08.30.07

Gone Running, will return at: _____. Great little signs that they were giving out in the Portland airport Nike store a while ago (thanks, mom!). Too cute not to post - close ups below. They also had HUGE versions of these in the niketown windows in downtown SF last time i wandered by there. Love that the rambling text on the back ~ fonts, layouts, simplicity.

UPDATE: if you like THIS (or want one of your own) check out the follow up post on the interactive version and how to get your own.




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I love these signs!! How can I get one for myself and my husband???

----- Kathy Hatch 27.12.11 08:59

i love love love this :))

----- Marti 09.08.10 16:32

Even though the ” Gone Running Clock” was givin out in August of 2007 is there still a way of getting it? Thanks ~Marisa…

----- Marisa Casabura 21.10.08 11:21

I’ve actually been looking into how to make these signs myself. Not I’ll need to go track down one of these.

----- Rahn 12.02.08 09:15

Awesome! I love it, I want one, I wish like hell I could run at lunch.

----- Danny Nathan 30.08.07 18:10

If you move the hand around it shows different sayings. My fav is “3:00PM If you went running when you first started thinking about it, you would be back by now.” Great copy.


I came across it a couple days ago when I was browsing the nike site.
It is actually in the nike womens running section, not sure how I
ended up looking in there! haha


----- Rob @ I love substance 30.08.07 17:25

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