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NOTCOT.org Tech- 08.06.07

NOTCOT.org #5509NOTCOT.org #5506NOTCOT.org #5504NOTCOT.org #5498NOTCOT.org #5497NOTCOT.org #5482NOTCOT.org #5460NOTCOT.org #5458NOTCOT.org #5456NOTCOT.org #5442Click the images to find out more! Ok just one more before i settle down to make real posts ~ there’s been a lot of great technology showing up on NOTCOT.org ~ so here’s a quick roundup of some of them. The iphone to xbox conversion is funny… the unboxing of the O2 Cocoon is really sweet… new wii straps are cute… the pleos wassupping is pretty funny… i would be in heaven on that hydroplaning sailboat… the idea of 3 liters of wine and a DVD changes my view of “dinner and a movie”… tinted contacts instead of sunglasses, anyone? Anyhow, feel free to explore.

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