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db clay wallet review- 09.12.07

claywallets1.jpgNew wallets and website from db clay! (Not to mention an exclusive 25% off discount b/c they love us! Code: notcot25 - i think you get 2 weeks, so hurry it up.) New wallets are made out of eco-friendly TOPE (their first batches were out of gaffer’s tape)… which is “a synthetic fabric similar (in texture) to a vinyl canvas. However, Tope does not contain certain hazardous chemicals typically found in most vinyl-based products. In particular, Tope contains NO PVC, Tope is made from non-toxic raw materials (it causes no dioxin, heavy metal or phthalate pollution), Tope decomposes when buried, Tope is chlorine chemicals free and Tope is fabricated through a pollutant free process. Additionally, we have engineered a tremendously technical printing process whereby we print high resolution and full photographic images using environmentally friendly inks. To top it off, Tope is also vegan and animal free.”

Ok well green innovation aside ~ they sent over two wallets and i’ve been playing with them a bit, and making guys test them out of course. It’s a nice leather alternative, the subtle texturing on the two i liked is a nice touch ~ i’m in love with the black on black particularly. Ready to go as the perfect gift in its tissue paper lined boxes ~ and in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t at all feel like tape of any sort, in fact i’m quite impressed with how nice the quality feels, the only thing we’re waiting to see is how it softens up to shape to your pockets, etc. Afterall, how a wallet wears over time is how it ends up gaining some character. My one complaint? If you frequent europe ~ don’t bother trying to carrying anything over a 20 euro bill… the poor 50 euro bills stick out about a mm and were driving me absolutely crazy. Anyhow, more images below from every which angle!

Exciting and super flattering little tidbit Mr. Diggles mentioned… their site redesign was much inspired by NOTCOT! I do like their top textured strip, the subtle striped backgrounds, and their store and press sections are just gorgeous.





Pretty aren’t they? Also these were my first excuse to use my latest toy… i just gave in and got the new Canon 40d. I am in love with live view.

Don’t forget ~ 25% off! Code: notcot25

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I can’t ever remember waiting for a product to come out, or having emailed the site asking to be notified of the new work when it comes out. Not till these babies. Thanks for the discount code. Was going to buy one anyway, but you’ve just made it less stressful on, dare i say it? wallet.

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