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North Bowl Philly- 09.28.07

bowl.jpgAs you all know by now i find inspiration and amusement in some of the randomest of things. Tonight it was the North Bowl’s NEON SIGN. I even made an 8 second video of it in action so you can fall for it too. And no. I didn’t even get to step foot into this barely a year old swanky loungey bowling joint. I was at the Conspiracy Showroom across the way meeting all the lovely designer ladies though. But back to the sign. How cool is it? (Watch video below before responding.)

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ooh! I wish we knew you liked it! We definitely would have popped in.

Anyway, North Bowl is such a gem in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. You’ll have to see it next time you come back to Philly.

-Caroline (from Philadelphia Tourism & www.uwishunu.com)

----- Caroline 01.10.07 09:58

Hehehe, i LOVE that so many of you have been here… and glad to hear that it is as awesome as it looks, although i’m totally kicking myself that they didn’t let us go there!

Anyhow… this is EXACTLY the type of place you should email me to write about! The whole space from sign to interiors looks so inspiring! Come on kids, i know you have some great hard to find spots like this in the back of your mind from around the world!

----- NOTCOT 01.10.07 09:46

Hot damn. That’s a great sign, and a great looking bowling alley.

----- nick 01.10.07 08:40

Was just there Saturday night. One of my favorite places to go in the city. Glad to see it getting noticed!

----- Hil 01.10.07 07:47

That place is awesome! One of my favorite spots to hang out. They have really good food, great atmosphere, and cocktail service to the lanes. I am actually about to post it to tastespotting for the food there as soon as I can dump the pics of my camera.

----- John P 01.10.07 06:56

WOW you are in my neighborhood! i love going there on Mondays. It’s lush.

----- Anonymous 29.09.07 21:19

Must be part of the new renaissance in bowling, there’s a place here in Baltimore that opened recently called Mustang Alley’s. (Clever, no?)

I haven’t made it yet, but from the pics on their site, it’s not quite as flashy as this, but certainly hands above the old style alley.

----- The Slapster 29.09.07 19:01

Could have just pointed right to the website for the sign graphic…but definitely cool all the same. Curious why more bowling places done offer this level of decor. :(

----- Lone 28.09.07 23:49

That’d be great for a movie! :)

You sure travel a lot, don’t cha?

----- esotericsean 28.09.07 23:19

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