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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 09.02.07

NOTCOT.org #5966NOTCOT.org #5969NOTCOT.org #5973NOTCOT.org #5986NOTCOT.org #5906NOTCOT.org #5979NOTCOT.org #5959NOTCOT.org #5937NOTCOT.org #5935NOTCOT.org #5987Click the pics to see more! I tried to theme the .org roundup this week ~ top row relatively nature related… typographic gorilla, crazy tree in the car advert, photography with wild animals in domesticated spaces, yes - that next one is a ninja turtle, and my nature row wouldn’t be complete without the brilliantly snarky Indie Tits! As for the bottom row, i started out going for robots/gadget-creatures… lke the spray can creature, and the incredible robots of ashley wood, the transformers death star… then somehow started to stray into lego escher land! And ended up with the Google Earth Flight Simulator (How awesome is that? If you haven’t played with it yet, you really should… and although they launched google sky ~ you can’t quite play astronaut flight simulator yet…)


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