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Vers Speakers- 09.20.07

vers1.jpgJust noticed these woody ipod speakers over at Acquire, and i can’t stop staring. There is something about clean sleek wood and tech that just gets me every time. This is the Vers 2x - Hand-crafted cherry veneer cabinet - no two alike - 2 3” custom-engineered 15 watt speakers - Dual port design for deeper bass - Advanced 14 function remote control with 25’ range (I wish there was a pic of this!) - 3.5mm audio cable for use with other MP3 players (i’m SO glad people are not locking you in to ONLY use it for your ipod these days). Its MSRP is $179… and they are even listing Target as one of the places to go find it in mid-Oct.


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Did you try contacting the Vers people? I read elsewhere that they have good customer service.

----- sarah anderson 15.03.08 05:28

I had won a set of Vers speakers from the Ellen Degeneres show a little bit before Christmas and they worked just fine. But now when I put my iPod on the Vers dock, it will say my music is playing on my iPod but nothing is comming out of the speakers. I’ve tried everything. Its not the volume so I dont know what it is. Do you have any ideas how I can fix it?

----- christie 18.02.08 11:15

Does it work with the iphone?

----- Anonymous 15.10.07 22:28

yeap! much nicer and also nature friendly. You can find the remote picture in “BETTER AUDIO” tab. Just wait for a while, the pictures appears, it should be 3rd or 4th..

----- phil 09.10.07 13:33

MUCH nicer then the apple hi-fi.

----- Krause 20.09.07 23:14

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